Woodmere Bookkeeping Services

Woodmere Bookkeeping Services

Woodmere Bookkeeping Services

Woodmere Bookkeeping Services: Part Time 

Finding a professional part time bookkeeper in Woodmere is easy. We offer bookkeeping services designed for small business. There is no job too small or industry type we do not support.

Who we are:

Park East Bookkeeping Solutions has been in business for 11 years. Our team is made up of accounting, bookkeeping, tax professionals and CPAs. 

  • We specialize in working with QuickBooks. Each team member has passed the Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor course with Intuit- the maker of QuickBooks.

 How Park East Bookkeeping Can Help You:

  • You will have top quality bookkeeping at all times. Guaranteed.
  • QuickBooks will always be current. 
  • Your bookkeeper will not leave you for full-time work.
  • Money is saved. We are vendors, payroll taxes and insurance are not required.
  • There are no contracts or commitments. You only pay for the time you use.
  • Trusted, reliable, local bookkeeping with very fast response time.
  • Highly organized professionals with superior time management skills.
  • Indispensable service. We will exceed your expectations at all times.

Where to Find Park East Bookkeeping:

Our office is close to you.

The street address is 2000 Auburn Dr in Beachwood. We are in room 237.

  • Parking is free.The lighting is great. The area has plenty of restaurants, shopping, and amenities.

Great Meeting Rooms:

Meetings with us are always done in a very professional office. There is plenty of space. Wi-Fi is available and fresh coffee and tea. 


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Woodmere Bookkeeping Services


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