Part Time Bookkeeping Services

 Ashleigh of Back to Basics speaks to the challenges she faces as a #SelfEmployed small business owner, doing it all herself.

We Specialize in Part-Time Bookkeeping Services:

Part-time bookkeeping is perfect for enterprises that do not need a full-time bookkeeper.We work with small business owners of all shapes and sizes for as little as 4 hours a month.

Your bookkeeper can be very helpful with the following tasks:

  • Data entry to enter all bank, credit card, and loan information.
  • Payroll entries to record wages, taxes and employer costs.
  • Set up Quickbooks correctly to display expenses, assets, liability, and equity.
  • Set up Quickbooks to import payroll and banking transactions saving you time and money.
  • Manage accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Manage vendor bills and payments.
  • Prepare budgets for departments, programs, and the entire company.
  • Prepare cash flow statements.
  • Help you make better decisions on labor, purchases and major financial decisions.

Other Services:

  • Set up payroll.
  • Run Payroll.
  • Prepare Quarterly Government Forms.
  • Pay Commercial Activities Tax.
  • Pay Workers Compensation and submit the semi-annual paperwork.

Interim Financial Services:

  • Work Part Time in the interim until you hire a full-time bookkeeper
  • Work on special projects to help your company grow
  • Only pay for the time you need

Where to Find Us:

We have two great locations. One is located on 675 Alpha Park Drive Highland Hts. The other is off Park East Drive in Beachwood.

Beachwood Location:

2000 Auburn Rd in Beachwood. See the map below:

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