Shaker Heights Bookkeeping Services

 Shaker Heights BookkeepingNeed a Great Bookkeeper in Shaker Heights?

Are you a small business owner that is too busy for bookkeeping? Do you wish it would do itself? 

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world without bookkeeping?

We can help!

Who We are:

We are professional bookkeepers with offices in Beachwood and Westlake. We remove the burden of bookkeeping so you can grow your business.

We have been in business for 11 years. Our team includes CPAs, Accountants, on theSenior Bookkeepers, Full Charge Bookkeepers and support staff.

What we do:

Bookkeepers take care of many tasks for you. Typically we will manage:

  1. All  Accounts Receivable – all of the recording of invoices prepared by your company and the customer payments made to offset the balances. We on the length of time invoices are open and strategies to collect faster.
  2. All Accounts payable; We manage your bill payments, checks, loans.payroll, obligations, and debts to ensure your cash flow is positive at all times. Your bookkeeper is an expert at money management. We help with strategies to assist with bill payments.
  3. Day to Day Bookkeeping and Data entry: There are very few professionals who have the time for bookkeeping instead of focusing on their core business. We remove the hassle and burden of bookkeeping so you can take your enterprise to the next level. This involves the data entry and downloading of transactions into QuickBooks – a move that saves time and money.
  4. Planning: Most bookkeepers enter the data and they are done. At Park East we take the time to help you understand what it means and how you can use that information to grow your business. Perhaps you have overlooked an important market segment? Ask us we can help you find out if opportunities are missed or how your company can position itself to take advantage of its growth strategies.

 The Software we use:

We use QuickBooks software to record your transactions.

We are Certified Quickbooks Proadvisors and Instructors. We can help you pick the right product to meet your needs and advise on changes from the desktop versions to the online products.

  • If you have any questions about which version works best for you – feel free to call and discuss the options with us.

In Summary:

We are very happy you have found our Shaker Heights Bookkeeping Service. We are here to help with any questions or queries you may have. 

  • We pride ourselves on having the best people. All team members are Certified Quick-books Proadvisors. This is a prestigious certification from the makers of Quick-books in recognition of passing rigorous accounting training and applications of the software.
  • Our team is made up of CPA’s, Accountants, Junior Accountants and Bookkeepers. You will be paired with the most appropriate person to meet your needs.

When you use a professional bookkeeping service you only pay for the time you use.

Call us today to learn more.

Park East Bookkeeping Beachwood Office 2000 Auburn Rd #237

Phone 440 533 9224 


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