Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Virtual bookkeeping is ideal for the busy entrepreneur. Meetings are scheduled at convenient times. Travel time is minimized. QuickBooks comes to you!

Advantages of Virtual Bookkeeping

Advantage of meeting with your bookkeeper to gain financial knowledge without leaving your office.

Health benefits are maximized during this time. ( Coronavirus)

Time and money are saved without stressful commutes.

Parking expenses are saved.

Meetings can be scheduled fast.

How Documents are shared with Video Bookkeeping:

Bookkeeping is based on working with highly sensitive documents. These documents include:

  • Bank Statements.
  • Credit Card Statements.
  • Loan Documents.
  • Payroll reports.
  • Bookkeeping ledgers, journals and spreadsheets.
  • Merchant payment systems. Point of sale systems etc.

Step One

The first step is to upload all sensitive documents into Hubdoc or a secure server of your choice.

Step 2

Connect us to QuickBooks Online. Send an accountant user invitation to us.

Step 3

Relax. We will enter all of the data into your QuickBooks Online software.

  • The bank transactions will be reconciled
  • The sales will be reconciled.
  • The credit cards will be reconciled.
  • The loans will be reconciled.
  • The general ledger will be checked to be certain the expenses are categorized right.
  • Accounts Payable will be checked to be sure its right.
  • Accounts receivable will be verified.
  • Cash transactions will be accounted for accurately.
  • Inventory will be counted and added in right. Cost of goods sold will be verified.
  • Retained earnings will be checked for accuracy.

Meeting with You

Our virtul bookkeeping service allows for easily scheduled meetings.

We use a host of video conferencing software. You may be in a location that is remote. But that is no problem with our service.

Its easy, call a meeting, get a secure link. start meeting. Get current accurate financial information.

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