QuickBooks Classes

QuickBooks Classes

QuickBooks Classes

Quick-books classes designed for you:

Welcome to our Quick books Training. Our classes are designed for working professionals,small business owners,managers and you.

  • Leave With Confidence

    Get confidence knowing that your numbers are right, you’re doing a great job, and you’re productive and efficient. We focus on creating confident QuickBooks users. This isn’t academic…it’s about using QuickBooks in the real world.

  • Quick & Easy

    Focus on just what you need Your time is money. That’s why we get you “up and running” with proven training that we’ve mastered over many years.

    Best Training at the Best Price

    You Get It All QuickBooks training is all we do. You get a true QuickBooks training expert to teach you…at a fraction of the cost for a consultant or CPA.

Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Understanding  how to navigate QuickBooks – Cool tips and tricks Setting up users in Quickbooks- Learning how to assign responsibilities Learn how to use the basic reports with a focus on cash and accrual accounting. Learn the language used by Quickbooks Learn how to use the help functions and complete the tasks.

Lesson 2: Setting up QuickBooks

  • Discussion of the key factors when setting up accounts. Understand how it affects reports. Creating a brand new company in Quickbooks and making enhancements to an existing company. Learn How to use the accounting preferences to simplify the tasks at hand.  Learn How to post Balance sheet entries.

Lesson 3: Working with Lists

  • Adding and modifying Chart of Accounts Using the Customer, Vendor and Employee Centers in Quickbooks Shortcuts for accessing Lists in QuickBooks Learn How to Merge Duplicate accounts Learn About Custom Fields for Customers, Vendors, Employees and Items.

Lesson 4: Working with Bank Accounts

  • Learn How to access the bank registers Learn how to download from your bank to QuickBooks Learn how to post and match transactions Learn about account reconciliation.

Lesson 5:  Using Other Accounts in QuickBooks

  • How the right way to Credit Cards in QuickBooks Learn how to post credit card transactions in QuickBooks Discover how to directly import the credit card data into QuickBooks Learn how and when to enter a fixed asset.

Lesson 6: Entering Sales Information

  • Learn how to record a sale How to record a return or charge back How to create and invoice How to use a sales receipt Know when to use the bank deposit to record income Discover how the item list can save you time and money.

Lesson 7: Receiving and Making Deposits

  • Learn the Three Simple Steps: Invoice ,Sales receipt and make deposits window, Learn how to separate other companies sales to avoid double entries Learn how to enter retainers and pre payments Learn  how to record a bounced Check.

Lesson 8: Entering and Paying Bills

  • Understand how to use the vendor payment System Learn how to pay a vendor by credit card  Learn how to account for barter transactions Learn how to record discounts. 

Upon graduation you will have a sound knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping systems. This knowledge will enable you to accurately record an array of bookkeeping transactions correctly. You will save time and money at the end of the year, when your accountant does not have to make any adjustments.

Accurate bookkeeping involves monthly reconciliation of bank accounts and credit cards to ensure accuracy.

The classes we teach place a high value on quality bookkeeping that is error free. When your books are accurate planning and business development become much easier. Projections are more accurate.

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