How to Choose the Right Bookkeeper for You

Choosing the Right Bookkeeper for Your Business

Tips On How to Choose the Right Bookkeeper for You

Finding the right bookkeeper to do your books can make a huge difference for your small business. A good bookkeeper can impact positively on the various financial aspects of your small business. These professionals have the ability to take care of all your financial obligations while you concentrate on doing other things that require your personal attention. The following are tips on how to choose the right bookkeeper for you.

Honesty and Trust:

When looking for the right bookkeeper, these two are most important things to consider when doing your search. A bookkeeper has the role of managing your finances with little input from you the business owner. Since this will be a total stranger handling your finances, it is important to hire an honest person, someone you can trust with your finances. To do this you need to thoroughly vet them before settling for one.


Most business owners are moving from the traditional ways of doing business to digital methods and systems. Therefore, when looking for a good bookkeeper, ensure that he or she has a wide knowledge of various bookkeeping software and keeps a keen eye on the different market trends.

Fees and Services:

Although most business owners especially those with new business tend to hire a bookkeeper based on the price; how affordable is the bookkeeper, this should be avoided. You might get a bookkeeper offering his or her services at a cheaper price yet the services are poor and this will cost you dearly. Do not be afraid to ask questions, or even negotiate the fee. Ensure that you understand the services being offered and find the best fees and services that suit your needs. Do not compromise your financial security simply because of price.


This is very important when hiring any professional. To ensure that your bookkeeper is knowledgeable, is an expert in bookkeeping, understands the different software used in bookkeeping and is professional, it is important to check his or her academic qualifications and certifications. Experience is also important. You do not want an inexperienced newbie handling your finances only to make blunders.


Your bookkeeper is your closest business ally. He or she can help your business grow by offering financial advice whenever need arises. Therefore, you need to look for an individual with excellent personality. This means he or she needs to be a good conversationalist, someone you can talk with freely, understanding and friendly. The bookkeeper should also be free with you, can ask you hard questions and tell you issues whenever they happen.

In summary:

Take your time to do your research before hiring anyone to do bookkeeping for you. A good bookkeeper will help your business grow in the long run.

It is important your bookkeeper has time for you – and the desire for excellence. Never accept mediocrity or excuses for poor performance. Quality is very important I would suggest it is more important than price itself.

Other important considerations include:

  • Data Security protects you from identity theft. Perform background checks
  • Look at the bookkeepers organizational skills . Efficiency saves money
  • Look at the bookkeepers personality do they work well with others.
  • When interviewing, pay careful attention to the length of time bookkeepers stay at their job, do they quit all of the time, this is a red flag
  • Discuss money, but┬árealize quality people are hard to find, it may pay to start your bookkeeper off at a good salary. Retention may be more likely.
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