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Getting Your Startup Ideas off the Ground

Start Up ideas come in many forms, many have merit others have very little chance of getting off the ground.


  • The willingness to research the market to see if this market need is filled.
  • The determination to overcome the barriers to entry.
  • The perseverance to work constantly for little or no pay.
  • The desire to learn how to market the idea in a competitive environment
  • A strong business plan that outlines the keys to success and the tools to remove the barriers to success.


Setting goals is important for structuring your thinking.Goals have to be realistic and achievable.

Ideally goals should include the following:

  • Setting a launch date
  • Deciding on your mission
  • Deciding on the corporate structure. S corp, C -corp. LLC or Sole Proprietor
  • Filing the Incorporation paperwork
  • Finding a location
  • Establishing a brand
  • Building a website
  • Marketing Your Idea
  • Hiring Staff
  • Setting up an accounting system

Strategy and tactics:

Deciding on a strategy to achieve the goals is very important. Keep in mind it will take some changes and revisions in order to actually make progress .

Business strategy is the plan of action needed to reach the goal. Tactics are the methods used for gaining the advantages of success.


A milestone is a numbered marker indicating an interval of progress. The process of getting your idea off the ground will see achievement of the goals. Each achievement is the arrival at a new milestone.

It is good to enjoy the journey and celebrate each success.The process seems endless there is always another milestone to hit. As your idea becomes marketable, competition will increase.In order to remain successful new ideas and strategy are needed to improve the products,goods and services in order to keep market share.

About the author:

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Matthew Beck

For over 18 years, Matthew has been working with small business owners in an accounting and consulting capacity. Our company Park East Group has helped small business owners across the United States.

Matthew is a seasoned executive with experience founding two successful start up companies in Beachwood and Westlake. He helps start-ups growing companies and non profit organizations to reach their full potential by crafting business plans designed to facilitate growth & attract investment.

To achieve a sustained growth strategy Matthew prepares strategic plans that capitalizes on the firms strengths-retains existing customers and expands into more profitable markets consistent with the firms mission, goals,talents and expertise.

In order to succeed a key requirement is the full co-operation of all stakeholders. He ensures all parties are working in harmony and lock step to achieve the vision, goals, milestones and mission as outlined in the strategic plan. In addition to strategic planning, he  is responsible for sales and marketing & accounting.

He Holds a Business Degree from the prestigious University of Queensland in Australia .

CPE credits include Strategic Planning, Market Research, Business Development, Accounting & Government Contracts

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