How to Get Motivated and Rise above Workplace Stress


Overcoming stress is of critical importance in today’s workplace. All it takes is one toxic attitude to stop productivity in its tracks. Without productivity and a great team effort, your company will cease to exist.

Given the importance of motivation in today’s high-stress work environments, what can we do to live a happier and better life? How can we enjoy our job and have a cheerful attitude at the same time? 

Let’s examine the methods:

Start your day with something you love:

Watch your thoughts. Shut out the voice of failure. Stand strong with an iron-clad will and determination. Today is the day I will avoid negative thoughts actions and people. I will not allow myself to become bogged down with gossip. I will stay focused and become invaluable to my company- in turn, I will rise to a place where my team always wins and I always win.

Set the rituals in motion that bring the success you need. Cast away the rituals that contribute to failure or a toxic work environment. Avoid talking about the boss in a derogatory manner. Walk away from conversations that belittle your company. Engage in actions and activities that bring only well being to yourself and company.

  • Take a morning walk.
  • Gather your thoughts.
  • Get centered.
  • Stay focused.
  • Briskly walk and shake off the negativity that surrounds your workplace.

Challenge the ideas that you tell yourself of your own inferior level of importance.


  • “I am important to this organization. My efforts lead to the success of this company”.

I will act as a brand ambassador. I will tell all. My workplace is the best place to work. I will be a walking newspaper for positivity.

Greetings with a Genuine Smile:

Smiles are contagious and powerful. They bring joy to others around you. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

A simple smile could change someone’s mood. Imagine if that genuine smile could change every single person’s morning you meet in the office. Saying a simple greeting of “good morning” to the person you see in the elevator or on your way to your cubicle might bring an immense impact on that person and will give you a pleasant feeling inside. Surely at about 99%, that person will smile back.

Hitting two birds in one stone principle, it will both benefit your soul and his.
Your smile shows confidence. It shows you are content. That confidence has the power to inspire. Little do you know the power you have to brighten others days and lift them from negative moods and actions that lead to their downfall.

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Take a Break and Listen:

The daily battles in the workplace are exhausting. We all know a colleague who has the same negative mindset day after day. Nothing ever goes right for them. Each day is a new chapter in misery. The fact is this person is like a ” human skunk” who wants to be scented with toxic misery? I know I don’t. In return, that person is probably shunned. His exile is in part because of his poor interpersonal skills but also because that type of person always blames others for their problems. 

The good news is there’s a way to get out of it. Take a break, find your coffee partner and talk about things you’re both interested, your passion in life. Talk about something you like and fond of. Bring your mind in the different dimension and get back to the track of positivity where you should be in.
Talk and listen! but do not gossip or fall into the trap of silent agreement with the criticisms of others about yourself or your co-workers.

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What Drives you to Succeed?

There is a reason we like to succeed. Remember what that is. Take yourself to that place and connect with your motivations.

We all have that drive to work because we have a personal reason why we strive hard to live daily. We are being motivated by those reasons.
Let your motivations drive you to reach your goals. But remember reaching the top is not the end. Have you seen the faces of the most successful business executives? Often its all stress. Where are the happy cheerful smiles of success? It lies in helping others. Once you are successful help others to reach the top too.

Bring your happy pill and Share it with Others!

Being happy is a choice. Being miserable is a choice. Choose to be happy. Bring the smile of confidence with you. Take your happy pill, by using an affirmation that you will not allow any misery-making individuals, co-workers or colleagues to bring you down to their level. You refuse to engage in gossip or cruel taunts of others who are struggling to get by at work.
The happy pill is a mental application. It allows you to set your thoughts on a positive track. This can be your family photograph at your table or at your pocket. Or maybe listen to your favorite music track on your phone. Or sometimes maybe a piece of chocolate or a good coffee. Those simple relevant things that you’ve proven to be a mood changer and help you back on the right track.
Those simple relevant things that you’ve proven to be a mood changer and help you back on the right track. You just need to think of simple things and don’t ever overthink that will usually bring complications.
We all have one life to live and we should not let a single minute will be wasted on things you think with the virtue of no choice “you cannot control and there’s no way to get out of it”. As they say; if the door is locked learn to open the window and jump.
Staying positive at any aspect of your life especially at your workplace is not that hard as you think.  We have the choice how to react to a certain situation. And never ever been such a virtue of no choice.

In Summary:

Stay strong. Watch your thoughts. Do not be a negative influence in your workplace. Choose to get motivated and stay motivated. Once you reach the top help others.
Don’t watch the clock or the years and lament what you don’t have. Live for today and make a better tomorrow.

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About the author:

Emely works for Park East Bookkeeping as an author and social media specialist. She is a staff writer with an interest in human resources and workplace development. Emily is gaining new and important skills in the fields of electronic publication.

Today’s article was written by Emely to help reduce typical conflicts and tensions that are so common in today’s high-stress work environment. Competition for promotions can produce toxic cultures in cubicles and offices that diminish or stop productivity in its tracks.

Emely has taken a first step towards bringing an awareness to your company. The idea is you will recognize the symptoms and bring the corrections to your work environment. Hopefully restoring harmony at the same time.